From today, I am going to start a Work at Home series where I would be talking about various work at home jobs available and how to start a work from home business. This week the topic is “Freelance Writing”.

freelance writingThe global phenomenon called “internet” has pushed the boundaries of how people communicate, share stuff and most importantly; how they work. You can now work from the comfort of your home and make a living for yourself with maximum flexibility of choice and time. If you are an aspiring writer who happens to hate the 9-5 job, you have come to the right place because today we will talk about how to start your freelance writing career. Beginning is the toughest part and having the right approach makes all the difference. I hope the below mentioned guide is helpful in starting your Freelance Writing Career.

1.    Have faith in your skills:

Writing does not need journalism or language degree as long as your basics are correct. All it needs is passion and strong faith in your skills to develop into a successful freelance writer. With a belief in your abilities, you would be surprised to know how little experience is required to start off your career that can go a long way.

2.    Create a strong identity:

For getting notice in a competitive market, you need to create a strong identity. Though there is no dearth of freelance writing jobs, you need to put yourself out there for potential clients to notice. You can do so via a blog, website, social media accounts or freelancer profiles, which will act as your resume and will help you stand above the crowd. Your page must sell your specialized skills, so it is best for you to carve out a specialized area of expertise for yourself and focus on it. For example, if you love writing stories you should brand yourself as a “creative writer”. This will attract only a specific set of clients and increase your chance of success.

3.    Develop a sterling portfolio:

In freelance writing, clients are never concerned about your qualifications. They usually base their judgment on your portfolio and previous assignments. So a sterling portfolio speaks for you loudly if you have the required skills and quality.
In the beginning, it is not possible to build a portfolio without experience so many freelancers fall into the pit of low-paying assignments that puts them in a vicious cycle of low-payment work. To get high paying clients, your portfolio must demonstrate high quality work. To do that, you must do free work for the right client to develop a sterling portfolio and get an excellent feedback which will communicate your quality to your future clients and open the doors of success for you. A little free quality work in the beginning is the right way to step into the freelance writing world as it pays big time in the future.

4.    Get work:

After getting the previous step done well, now you are ready to pitch work. If you have created a specialized identity for yourself through your page, portfolio and testimonials, you will easily know which clients will work with you. Selling your specialized skills will attract only the right clients as people are less likely to take you seriously if you offer generic work.

Start pitching for freelance writing jobs through websites like ODesk, Elance, Freelancer and any social media or blog that offers work. The key is to pitch only the work that comes under your area of expertise and to pitch a lot. Pitching 10-15 clients per day is a good start.

After securing work, you must display consistency, quality and excellent communication skills to develop into a quality brand. The more clients you pitch, the higher the chances of your growth and success. Be sure to formulate a trustworthy relation with your clients and keep on improving your skills to succeed big in the freelance writing world!