Dealing with difficult clients

Every new client brings a new experience and helps you get a better market exposure. Some of them are absolutely perfect, understanding and never get in the way of your expertise but others will surely make your head spin with their behavior. Dealing with difficult clientsSuch clients are not rare and you should be armed with techniques and clichés to deal with them.
Are you having difficulty in handling a client? Then you surely need to understand the definition of a difficult client first.


  • They come in the way of your expertise and constantly brag about their knowledge
  • They don’t trust you and often tell you that they can find a better option
  • They keep changing the project details every now and than
  • They  are very controlling and authoritative about the project
  • They  message you and want updates from you more than it is required

You will find many clients giving all these troubles or some will pick a few of these but whenever you notice such behavioral problems, beware – you are dealing with a difficult client!

Let’s see how to deal with such clients, after all we want our projects to go through smoothly and we cannot drop each and every project. You should maintain a good repute even with handling such clients.

  • Keep documentation record:

The first and foremost rule in handling clients is that you should never go easy with the written documents. Whatever you do, keep a written record. From the start of the project, get all the details in a document. Then you can safely complete your work without any fear. You can always show your client these documents at any point in case a conflict arises.

  • Understand the Psychology:  

Try to understand the psychology of your client and deal with them accordingly. Give regular updates and ask for feedbacks. If they are not confident over your abilities, try to make win them over by being extra smart. If your client is impatient about the work, you just need to update them regularly and politely assure about the work progress. If a client is too pushy and authoritative, you need to show some authority yourself. Remember you need to show authority to a bully to shut them up. So just observe tentatively about your client’s psychology and then act.

  • Give Respect:

Even if your clients are aggressive and ultimate nightmares, always give them respect. You should always act bigger than the other person to win the situation. So never lose your control and always respect the client.

  •  Don’t Argue:

Never argue with your client. Try to show them your perspective in direct ways like on a document or drawing for easy understanding. Tell them the pros and cons of their decisions. If they still insist on a wrong decision, then let them because after all it is their work. Arguments always worsen the situations, so keep away from them.

If you follow these basic guidelines and of course your own intuition, you should be ready to deal with the client from hell!