My Review of CouponzGuru website

If you are a fan of online shopping like me, I bet you are always on the lookout for the best deals. Why not make use of coupons to get amazing stuff at much lesser rates.  As more and more people are choosing to shop online, a number of coupon websites have popped up in the virtual world. Ecommerce has advanced to the extent that now you are able to get discount offers all around the year. Your savings are not limited to holiday sales only!

Today I will share my experience with a great coupons website: CouponzGuru. It is loaded with coupons offering discounts from a large number of online shopping websites.

What does CouponzGuru offer?

CouponzGuru is simply a coupon or voucher website which allows you to get discount codes for various online shopping websites. You can get the discount codes without spending anything and use them to get some amazing discounts.

CouponzGuru offers coupons for some very popular online shopping websites like Flipkart, Myntra, Jabong, FirstCry, Snapdeal, homeshop18 and the so on. The discounts are not limited to fashion and clothes only. The website is full of coupons for other categories as well like Mobile & Electronics, Home & Furnishings and Baby & Kids.

Another interesting aspect is that you can get discount coupons for travel and online food orders too. You can easily save on flights and hotel bookings through Yatra, Makemytrip, Goibibo, Expedia and Travelguru. There are coupons available for latest domestic flights as well. If you are a frequent traveler, you must check out latest deals through the website before making any purchases or bookings. Foodies can enjoy discounted rates for Dominos, Foodpanda, TastyKhana and Justeat.

How it works:

 The concept is really simple. All you have to do is to search the website you want to shop from. As you find the coupon, click on the prominent button on the right side of the coupon saying “Click to get Coupon”. You will be automatically redirected to your desired website. Shop through the website as you always do. At the checkout, your coupon gets automatically applied. So simple!

 My review of the website:


  • Easy Navigation: The website is well-designed, easy to use and convenient to navigate through. The featured stores are all provided prominently.  There is nothing complicated about the website design.
  • Neatly categorized: You can browse through neatly categorized tabs on the top bar. There are separate tabs for shopping, Travel and Food. Under the online shopping tab, there are sub-categories like Mobile & Electronics, Home & Furnishings and Baby & Kids.
  •  Redirection to the dealer website: A click on the prominent button to the right of any coupon takes the user directly to the dealer website. There is no fuss of registration or any complicated procedure to apply the coupon.
  • Deal of the day: There is a daily special discount offer located on the top of “featured and latest Coupons”. The Deal of the Day can be very handy for quick buyers.


  • Although the coupons are easy to use and simple to apply, it might be confusing for the first time users. There should be an introductory note for the new users on how to use the coupons.

Overall, the website is very neat and user friendly. A large number of active deals are always available through this website. Do not forget to check them out before you launch any online shopping spree!

Ratings: 8.9/10

Work at Home: Freelance Writing

From today, I am going to start a Work at Home series where I would be talking about various work at home jobs available and how to start a work from home business. This week the topic is “Freelance Writing”.

freelance writingThe global phenomenon called “internet” has pushed the boundaries of how people communicate, share stuff and most importantly; how they work. You can now work from the comfort of your home and make a living for yourself with maximum flexibility of choice and time. If you are an aspiring writer who happens to hate the 9-5 job, you have come to the right place because today we will talk about how to start your freelance writing career. Beginning is the toughest part and having the right approach makes all the difference. I hope the below mentioned guide is helpful in starting your Freelance Writing Career.

1.    Have faith in your skills:

Writing does not need journalism or language degree as long as your basics are correct. All it needs is passion and strong faith in your skills to develop into a successful freelance writer. With a belief in your abilities, you would be surprised to know how little experience is required to start off your career that can go a long way.

2.    Create a strong identity:

For getting notice in a competitive market, you need to create a strong identity. Though there is no dearth of freelance writing jobs, you need to put yourself out there for potential clients to notice. You can do so via a blog, website, social media accounts or freelancer profiles, which will act as your resume and will help you stand above the crowd. Your page must sell your specialized skills, so it is best for you to carve out a specialized area of expertise for yourself and focus on it. For example, if you love writing stories you should brand yourself as a “creative writer”. This will attract only a specific set of clients and increase your chance of success.

3.    Develop a sterling portfolio:

In freelance writing, clients are never concerned about your qualifications. They usually base their judgment on your portfolio and previous assignments. So a sterling portfolio speaks for you loudly if you have the required skills and quality.
In the beginning, it is not possible to build a portfolio without experience so many freelancers fall into the pit of low-paying assignments that puts them in a vicious cycle of low-payment work. To get high paying clients, your portfolio must demonstrate high quality work. To do that, you must do free work for the right client to develop a sterling portfolio and get an excellent feedback which will communicate your quality to your future clients and open the doors of success for you. A little free quality work in the beginning is the right way to step into the freelance writing world as it pays big time in the future.

4.    Get work:

After getting the previous step done well, now you are ready to pitch work. If you have created a specialized identity for yourself through your page, portfolio and testimonials, you will easily know which clients will work with you. Selling your specialized skills will attract only the right clients as people are less likely to take you seriously if you offer generic work.

Start pitching for freelance writing jobs through websites like ODesk, Elance, Freelancer and any social media or blog that offers work. The key is to pitch only the work that comes under your area of expertise and to pitch a lot. Pitching 10-15 clients per day is a good start.

After securing work, you must display consistency, quality and excellent communication skills to develop into a quality brand. The more clients you pitch, the higher the chances of your growth and success. Be sure to formulate a trustworthy relation with your clients and keep on improving your skills to succeed big in the freelance writing world!

10 Low Investment Business Ideas for India

Do you subscribe to the popular belief that you need a lot of money for starting a business? You will be surprised to know that you can actually start a business with low investment and make it a profitable venture.

10 low investment business ideasIf you live in India and want to put your entrepreneurial skills into some good use, you have landed to the right place because today I will share 10 low investment businesses ideas you can start in India. Just some direction, a negligible investment of money and time and you too can be a business owner! Indian economy is growing fast and so can your business.

1. Real Estate Consultation:

Real estate stays as the topmost profitable business in the blooming Indian economy. Although real estate business requires lots of capital investment, you shouldn’t worry about that because we are suggesting you to start real estate consultation services. Your business will guide the potential property buyers and will earn you 2-3% of the money your client will pay for a property.

2. Recruitment Firm:

Due to financial constraints, many companies prefer hiring employees on contractual basis instead of permanent ones. Providing such companies contractual employees can be your business. It is quite simple. Rent a small office, make contacts with several companies and learn what type of skills they are looking for, send a candidate to a company and take commission from the firm for a certain period of time.

3. Designer Festival Gifts:

These days exchanging custom made designer gifts on festivals is trending at top speed. Chocolates, designer diyas and gift boxes for Diwali, valentine and Christmas are quite popular. You can start the business right from the comfort of your home and use some creativity to attract more potential buyers.

4. Event Management:

Event management is also a blooming business. If you think you can manage things at the spur of moment and have networking skills, than this business can be your thing. You just need to take care of managing an event as money matters will be in the hands of the event hosts.

5. SEO Consultancy:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is becoming a necessity in the competitive internet world and with the growing number of websites and changing Google algorithms, SEO consultancy is in huge demand. You can take SEO training and set up your own SEO consultancy firm. If you produce effective results, you can be in huge demand not only in India but globally too.

6. Online Business:

You can also start an online business by simply setting up a page on websites like EBay or Etsy. If your products are good enough, they will sell themselves for sure. In addition, you can also promote other people’s businesses through affiliate marketing and earn every time your affiliate product gets a buyer through your link.

7. Wedding Planning:

Indian weddings are highly valued. People want their wedding to be the most memorable and impressive. So if you are good at planning a wedding, it can be an extremely rewarding business in India. (Remember the movie Band Baaja Barat?)

8. Blogging:

You can start your own blog in a niche of your interest and steadily start earning on it, if you provide valued information and bring traffic to your blog. Blogging is time-consuming work but it is a great long-term business with minimum investment.

9. Jewelry Making:

Indians adore jewelry because they love to dress up and look nice. If you love jewelry, you can take some training and start designing your own. If your designs are good enough, you will be earning a lot more than you currently are.

10. Food/Catering Services:

Food is a basic need and can earn you wholesome extra money if you serve mouth-watering treats, even if you start small. Open a catering business or food trailer if you can and put your chef skills to good use. If you have baking skills, you can even start a cake business from home.

With 10 low investment business ideas for India on the table, you can pick up the ones that interest you and turn your passion into a rewarding business. Do you have some new business ideas that need low investment? Please feel free to share in the comments.

How to Achieve Consistent Business Growth

business growthGrowth is critical to every business. No matter what they do, at the end of the day every business has the same goal- more sales, more clients, more income, more market share- in short, more growth.

Despite your best intentions and hard work, sometimes you may feel your business is stagnant and not growing at the rate you aspire for. How do you achieve a constant business growth?

Below are 5 simple principles for a consistent growth:

Maintain your customer loyalty

Surge ahead to the path of growth by manipulating your customer needs through complicated relationships so that it becomes troublesome for your customers to leave you. Modify your products and services by carefully analyzing the customer data. Follow the needs and aspirations of your dedicated customers by scrutinizing the customer data. Also constrain your customers by pragmatic measures and take well-planned actions to restrict their defections. Develop emotional bonds as sustainable way to customer loyalty.

Beat your competitors to expand your market share

Force your customers to leave your competitor’s products and services by providing better quality. Make effort to reduce the exchanging costs. It can be complicated to attract customers away from competitors, so you should use all you have systematically to pull away customers from your competitors. Providing improved products and services at lower costs is a way to meet the goal. Other is to buy your competitor to eliminate the smaller or equal competition (definitely not an option if you are starting out, so focus on the first).

Manipulate Market trends

Be proactive in perceiving growth tendency in the market. Carefully analyze data to check the markets trends especially in buyers alterations, product or service developments and popular trending items. The best way to manipulate market trends is to proactively maintain a systematic approach to spot market changes. Keep a database to measure the statistics in market and make timely decisions to utilize the market changes for your advantage.

Overrun adjoining industries

Overrunning adjoining markets must be done after analyzing the market’s opportunities and possible growth factors. Find out your edge over rivals and develop high standards to equal your competitors. Push yourself in exploring the adjacent markets but with minimum risks.

Expand your business

Expansion must be smart and finely tuned to the market trends. Never pay more than required for launching yourself in a new direction. Do not destroy your revenue by using complex methods already developed by others. Try to discover new and simple methods in place of complicated ones. Simplify and modify old patterns to decrease costs and increase efficiency. Collaborate with new partners and find new partners by evaluating their strengths, leadership abilities, team work and revenue.

All these five principles may not be a part of the existing growth plans of your company, but make sure to include one or more of these principles in your growth plans.

Make Passive Money Through Articles

If you have found online article writing an exciting way to make money, you will be surprised to know that you can also use article writing to produce passive income.

Passive income is like a source of money that comes without having to work on it constantly. For instance, if you write an article for a client on a particular subject, you will receive its upfront payment as the result of your work. But with passive income you can earn money on articles you wrote many months ago.

Now how do you actually generate passive income through articles? There are lots of options for this end. But you will not reap the benefits of your work in a spur of moment. Passive money takes time to reap fruits, possibly a couple of month or so.

The first method to generate passive income is by creating your own website. Select a niche on a trendy subject or the one that you like. For instance, if you tutor your children at home, you can develop a blog with tips and ideas for other parents. However, please keep in mind that blogs need constant updates to be successful.

Now another question comes of how to generate passive income after developing the website or blog. The answer is through advertisements. Of all the advertisement programs, Google AdSense is the most reliable and successful of all. This method allows income flow with every click on advertisement by your website visitors. The other way to make money is through affiliate marketing technique, by which you advertise products or services through your website. You get commissions every time your blog or website hits the sale.

Once you get the website or blog up and running, you need to drive traffic to your page. This is the toughest part of all. With massive competition on the web, it is not very easy to get noticed. But there are some techniques to ease the difficult part. With your writing talent at hand, it is easier to submit articles on article directories for search engine optimization, also called link building. Through this effective technique, you can develop huge following which will in turn increase the possibility of more clicks on advertisements, hence more money.

Apart from your own content rich website or blog, another way to generate passive income is through revenue sharing websites. These websites hire professional experts to fill their content. You may get commission on income produced through your article or may get a pre agreed bonus. This is a good approach, if building your own website is not a viable option.

Use optimal web search to locate such revenue sharing websites. Also, you can join lots of online article writing forums and communities where you may come across passive income sources including the revenue sharing websites.

Passive income generation is possible through a number of ways. But if you use article writing as a main source of your income, make sure to make your word play interesting. It is best to build up passive income sources in spare time while keeping regular writing assignments for a sure success in the long run.