If you are an iPhone user like me, I am sure you would agree that it’s a great way to boost your productivity and power through the day using some of the awesome apps available at the marketplace. Nowadays professionals on-the-go generally use their smart phones much more than their computers or laptops for conducting their business. iPhone is one of the best smart phones for this purpose. It has almost 200,000 apps in store for you. Now, most of them maybe completely useless to you but you can find some absolutely amazing apps on your iPhone to help out in your routine work and increase productivity.

5-iphone-Apps-to-increase-productivitySo what are the best iphone apps to increase productivity?  Well, it depends on your particular needs. But here are the top 5 best ones exclusively tested out for you:

1. EverNote:

EverNote is an absolutely free application that will surely help you save a lot of time when you are on-the-go. It is the most favorite app of a huge number of iPhone users. It basically jots down your notes quickly and retrieves them later. You can capture your notes and images through the camera and then tag them to your desktop. All your info will be stored in the cloud for you to search later. You cannot get the option of editing the text though. But honestly, it is still at the top of all the apps available on iPhone for its ease of use.

2.      eMeetme

How to create iPhone AppsIf you are a very busy person with an extremely tight schedule, this application will make you shed off some of the stress. It will highlight all your important meetings and time slots on a calendar to help you decide in a minute where can you fit in your next meeting, date or appointment. Not only this, this application will help you choose a perfect slot and forward the time to the whole group via email. Handy, isn’t it?

3.      Simplenote:

You can get a lot of options for making notes on the iPhone and you can even use the in-built note taking app. But when you will use the free simplenote, you will definitely forget any other note taking app. The reason is that this app will synchronize your notes and make them available on the cloud so you can access them from any browser anywhere. You can take quick notes like URLs, phone number and to-do’s with ease.

4.      OmniFocus: 

Omnifocus is one of those apps that surely make your life easier. It is basically a task management device which is designed to quickly store your thoughts into actions. The best feature of this app is that it allows the user to make location based tasks using its GPS navigation system. And you can further synchronize  Omnifocus with your Mac to get a easy transfer of your task list.

5.      Pastebot:

Pastebot is clipboard manager for your iPhone. This app will save your text history, your photos and other information that you copy on your phone so that it can be accessed later. It can also be used to paste the information on other apps or places in the phone. It is very handy for data entry and organization.

These are the apps that I use personally and I am sure there are lots of other good options too. I would love to hear about your choices and the apps you use to increase your productivity!